Neko neko

On 05/20/2010, in General Nonsense, by Asa

I’ve been on a cat kick lately… I blame Ryo-Ohki.

I like these little guys and their laser vision. This is acrylic on a postcard.

Kitten dreams of thermonuclear war.

A bit wrinkled from permanent marker saturation, but still cool. I’m glad that the journal I made allows me to take out the pages so I can share things like this without destroying it. Every once in a while I’ll start what I think will just remain a doodle, only to have it transform into something heavier. I really like the feel of drawing on construction paper with markers. Along with the colors, I love using high contrast with a stronger line set. Maybe I’ll surprise myself and pull out something else similar to this style.


Adrienne’s grandmother tried to get me to sell her one of the ink blot drawings I have posted on my wall. I didn’t feel comfortable taking her money, so I just gave it to her.