Moleskine doodles!

On 07/30/2010, in Uncategorized, by Asa

I mentioned in my previous post that I picked up some Moleskines for random drawings on BART, during class, downtime at work, etc. None of these are “done”. Completing something like this isn’t as important as the idea itself. That and just having fun.


This is one giant reoccurring theme: when it comes, it comes all at once. I’m still finding it difficult to believe that there are only three weeks left in the summer semester. I kind of like the condensed format because we learn something new every time class meets. Once it’s over, I’d like to drive south to L.A. and San Diego for some much-needed chill time with the in-laws, Mama Folsom, and of course the Illest.

On another note, I can’t reiterate enough how much I enjoy working for Small Thyme. It being wedding season and all, we have an event for pretty much every weekend booked through September. Next weekend we’re cooking for 100 guests at Wooden Valley Winery, located in between Fairfield and Napa. I haven’t had the chance to visit that part of the Bay, so needless to say, I’m stoked.

With the vast majority of my time and energy being directed toward school assignments and catering, I haven’t been able to work on personal projects as much as I’d prefer. But that’s okay! I’m in talks with two awesome ladies from one of my classes about putting together a small show during the short break we have between the end of summer semester and the beginning of fall. No pressure- just fun and wine. Lots and lots of wine. I’ve also recently acquired a new pack of Moleskines (shut up haters!) that are currently being filled with doodles which may lend themselves to something grander in the future.

Happy Sunday!