Far From Forgotten

On 10/23/2011, in General Nonsense, by Asa

Sorry kids, but life has been far too exciting to be stuck in front of a computer screen. If you haven’t heard, I relocated to Portland at the beginning of August. I live in a lovely house with four of my best friends in the northern part of the city. Here are a few pictures from house dinner parties, trips to the river, and other assorted adventures thus far. Enjoy!

I promise there will be new art up by the end of the week (Edit 11/22: Okay so my time has been totally consumed by work and being tired from work. All I can say is that I’ll really try to keep the new stuff coming as often as possible.)Since I don’t start PNCA until spring, I’ve had all of the time in the world to focus on personal projects (See above.) In the mix are tattoo designs, more oogaloo adventures, and a graphic novel based on my childhood experiences of moving all of the damn time.