Life Dump

On 02/20/2012, in General Nonsense, by Asa

I like to tell myself that a post with lots of pictures somehow compensates for months of inactivity and neglect. I’ll be a great parent one day. Jokes aside, I really enjoyed the last couple months of 2011 and hope you did as well.



What’s up strangers? With the conclusion of my reign as Queen of Bland Land, I can turn my focus back to the better things in life. I’ve switched to new/old mediums these past months with exciting results:

Remember this thing? In a matter of hours it became my Halloween costume in what must be my greatest moment of last minute-half-assery. Here I am as a tree with Jesse, the hottest of Hot Cops.

Also revived from the crypt was a clutch made from airplane safety cards. I finished the inner cloth form, wrapped a stabilizer in matching fabric and glued it under the form so it could stand. I gave this to miss Cali for Christmas:

I’m generally pleased with how it came out. I may try to tackle something for the fellas and make a simple wallet or billfold.