Are You Guys Sisters?

On 08/17/2011, in General Nonsense, by Asa

The littlest Folsom is still the littlest Folsom, but she’s a year older today. Happy 21st birthday Hannah!

Gabe, you need to get in on this! I miss all of my siblings.


I don’t know

On 07/29/2011, in General Nonsense, by Asa

One week left. I already miss you.


Chin Update

On 07/22/2011, in General Nonsense, by Asa

My looming relocation is proving to be a thorough distraction, but I’m managing to push this along. From last update, I changed Chris’s expression, as well as the placement of the monster’s left hand/claws. I still need work on Chris’s right arm and to decide where this should be happening. I’m tempted to keep them in the woods, but a change would also be welcomed.


Chin up Chin up

On 07/06/2011, in General Nonsense, by Asa

I’ve decided to create a series based on one of the greatest collection of individuals currently alive: my future housemates. Up next is Christian. If the monster looks familiar, he’s the same guy inviting Edgar to kick it in his cave. Maybe he’ll continue to make a few more appearances as I complete the series? We still need a name for him- any suggestions? This is acrylic on cardboard.


Oakland’s Finest

On 06/15/2011, in General Nonsense, by Asa

I finished this in time for his birthday. Bumming around Oakland, I swear we were transported back in time. Here’s the finished product:

Taking an honored position along Gumby and Pokey:

Hey there, where’s my pine cone?

I want Farfi’s buffalo hat:



On 06/01/2011, in Uncategorized, by Asa

Fish. Gouache on cardboard.


Mr. Jenkins

On 05/31/2011, in General Nonsense, by Asa

It’s been too long since we last hung out! Farfi’s birthday is right around the corner so I’m planning on giving him a painting of… himself. Here’s the (pretty much) finished line work. I still have to get that shirt in order, spruce up the background, and decide on keeping with clean lines or maybe adding some value. And oh yes this is acrylic on cardboard.


Happy B-Day

On 05/20/2011, in General Nonsense, by Asa

Keep on rockin’ Daddio.


Rule #1

On 05/14/2011, in General Nonsense, by Asa

Mislabeled, but bonus points awarded for original The Day the Earth Stood Still footage .


Don’t Be Afraid

On 05/07/2011, in General Nonsense, by Asa

He seems friendly. Maybe he just wants to listen to records?